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by Victor D. Torres

As we proceed through the Summer season, there is much to pay attention to.

As previously reported, in the City of San Diego, we will be choosing a new Mayor before the end of next year.

It appears as if we have two candidates who bring with them significant labor friendly credentials as part of their respective resumes. Those candidates are District 1 City Councilmember Barbara Bry and 78th District State Assembly-member Todd Gloria.

Both of these candidates have a long history of working with organized labor on a variety of issues at the local level. This is important since we have had to deal with much less cooperative Mayors in our great City for decades.

This is an opportunity to install not only someone who will listen to our concerns but will be in a position to take action which can improve the lives of working families.
I encourage all of you to take the time to review the records of these two candidates when you make your choice next March and to make the choice you believe will positively impact you and your family.

It has been several generations since we have had a chance to solidify our political standing. We need to seize this situation by making sure that our neighbors, relatives and friends who reside in the City of San Diego are aware of the significance of what is on the horizon and to partner with us in making an educated and thoughtful choice for the leader of this country’s eighth largest city.

For many of our fellow residents, this is the first time in their lifetime to take this step. Let’s make sure that we wield our influence as leaders in our communities and engage with them for the common good we all share.

All of this and more is possible if we register to vote in mass and vote in both the primary and the general elections in 2020.

We just concluded new hire receptions in both San Diego and North County to welcome our newest members to our Local 481 family. Thanks to all of you who encouraged these new members to attend. We informed them of the many benefits of being a Union member, made sure they had a copy of their contract and passed out some of our Union merchandising items proudly displaying our Teamsters logo. We also let these members know about scholarship programs that are available to them as Union members. Congratulations to all our new members and we hope to see you at future meetings and events.

Back to the subject of scholarships, the 2019 Local 481 Scholarship Program is still available. This scholarship program is open to not only the children and grandchildren of our members who are enrolled in and attending an institution of higher learning, but also eligible are the spouses and domestic partners of our members. In addition, our members themselves are eligible to participate in this program, as well. The deadline to submit applications including the proper essay and all supporting documentation is Friday, September 6, 2019. There are eight (8) five-hundred dollar ($500.00) scholarships available. Don’t miss out on these scholarships which are intended to assist our members and their families to achieve their educational goals.

Congratulations to Laura Guerrero’s (Avis Rent-A-Car) daughter Susan on being a recipient of the John Lyons Foundation Scholarship for $2,500. Susan is going to the bay area for college and the entire family couldn’t be prouder!

Congratulations also to Leonardo Avendano’s (San Diego Zoo) daughter Aliya Hernandez on being a recipient of the John Lyons Foundation Scholarship for $2500.

Congratulations to Gloria Kendall (Safari Park) on her recent retirement! Gloria put in over 42+ years at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park!

Congratulations to Neil Caldwell (San Diego Zoo) on his recent retirement! Neil put in over 30+ years at the San Diego Zoo!

Congratulations to Mike Klapka (United Parcel Service) on his recent retirement! Mike put in over 25+ years at UPS!


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